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Paedophile who use nudist network is arrested


Be careful of who you know out there that are claiming to be nudist and aren't or have other motives. If invited to events, always research the people hosting it if you can.

"A convicted paedophile was arrested after police busted his naked 'tarp party' that had him reaching for his 'emergency shorts'.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was caught hosting a nudist party at his Illawarra home, south of Sydney, on Easter Sunday.

In 2010, the man was found guilty of sexually abusing two young children after using an online naturalist group to gain access to them.

He was sentenced to four-and-a-half years jail for the 2010 offences and his name was placed on the Child Protection Register, the Illawarra Mercury reported.

He was released on parole in February 2018 and put on strict court orders which included restricting him from participating in nudist groups or contacting members.

In November, the man moved to the Illawarra and reported his new address to the Lake Illawarra Police Station under his Child Protection conditions.

During a routine inspection of the man's house on April 21, police said they found multiple tarps in the man's backyard concealing the outdoor area.

The man told officers the tarp was being used to protect the yard before some friends arrived, so they wouldn't be cold.

When officers searched his phone they discovered he had gained access to two nudist community groups, Meetup and True Nudist.

Officers left the home suspicious the man might have been using the outdoor area for a nudist party and returned at 7pm that same night.

Documents tendered to the court said the officers got to the home in time to overhear the man tell his visitors about their visit earlier that day.

'I had just finished putting the tarps up and I was sitting out here naked having a beer when I heard a knock at the door,' police overheard him say.

'I put my emergency shorts on and answered the door and it was two detectives wanting a statement about something that happened at work. Can you believe that? On a Sunday afternoon at Easter.'

After the officers confronted the man he admitted to having three visitors over, two men and a woman, and all of them were naked.

When told his conditions prevented him from contacting nudist groups, the man defended himself by saying they weren't part of a group, but just his friends.

The police questioned his use of social media, to which the man said his psychologist suggested he go on Meetup as he was lonely.

Officers launched an investigation and uncovered the man had hosted a number of nudist parties since moving to the area.

He was arrested and charged with six counts of contravening his strict court orders and his parole was revoked.

The man pleaded guilty to the charged while at Port Kembla Court on Wednesday, and is set to be sentenced in Wollongong Local Court on Friday."


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