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Has anyone heard of Miaboolya Beach?


Found this one in a tourist magazine where it says it's "the only beach in the Coral Coast Region where clothes are optional". Now, that's not quite correct since the owner of Gnaraloo Station opened one of his beaches to the public as a naturist beach too, but I suppose that's not strictly "official" (plus that one is really hard to get to).

Miaboolya is about 22 kms out of Carnarvon, WA, down two poorly maintained mostly dirt roads. In spite of the short distance, the drive took about 45 minutes each way just because the road is that bad. Don't try it in bad weather, but it would probably be a lot easier in a 4WD. There are old signs in the parking area about what kinds of fish can be caught there. If you're into fishing, this is an idea spot for you! From the carpark, it is a very short walk to a beautifully broad beach.

The water is a lovely temperature, ocean tapers off gently and the waves are small and predictable. But, do be warned, I'm told the tide comes in and goes out very quickly there at certain times of year. I didn't see that happen but maybe I was there at a good time. The wind is pretty strong but I believe that's mostly a summer problem and it's only a slight chill anyway.

The best part of this beach would have to be the two big lagoons not far to your left/south when you enter from the parking lot. (There are other lagoons further south but, unless you want to smell like dead fish, I recommend not walking that far.) The lagoons are warm to sit in and would make a nice place to chat and have a drink if you were with a group. But they only have a few deeper parts so it's hard to swim in them much. They would make good wading pools for young adventurers but keep an eye on them in case they discover the deep spots.

Where the tide usually comes up to is pretty obvious by the drop off in the sand at that point. This will give you some idea about where it's safe to stake your umbrella. Be warned, the summer wind will blow it away if it's not firmly in the sand.

In about 4 hours there, I saw nobody else however I think I did see a Jeep heading up the north/right end of the beach at one point. There were tyre tracks on the beach and you can get bogged in some areas as the water seeps through from the ocean to the lagoons, and there's a part-time creek at the very southern end. This can cause weak quicksand to form around some of the lagoons so do be careful, especially if you're with family.

On that note, this would be an excellent beach to bring your family too as there are plenty of shells around but you need to look a bit to find the pretty ones. The plants that wash up could make nice faux necklaces, belts, braclets, etc. too. If you have the skills, I could imagine a body art contest happening in a place like this.

At one point I saw a small animal in the water. I'm not sure what it was but I think it was kind of green in colour. It might have been a nudibranch but I really can't be sure. Whatever it was, he sure seemed to be enjoying his swim too so we just left each other alone.

If I was in Australia and saw a small green creature in the water I would assume that it's a crocodile and it wants to kill me. Like every other creature over there.
It's a bit of a shame you have to go safari driving to get to many of the optional beaches in the area.


--- Quote from: Buzzulepuff on December 13, 2019, 08:05:20 pm ---If I was in Australia and saw a small green creature in the water I would assume that it's a crocodile and it wants to kill me. Like every other creature over there.

--- End quote ---

 :laughing Lol man, this thing wasn't bigger than my hand and looked floppy. Not everything over here is trying to kill you despite our reputation.


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