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Here is the home of the New Zealand Naturist Federation. They are affiliated with the INF and have 18 member clubs throughout NZ. It contains lots of information about naturist locations and holidays with videos and links as well as general info about the country with a great FAQ section. It also is the home of the "gonatural" magazine. A must visit site for anyone who lives there or anyone who plans to visit some day.
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Also definitely worth a mention is the Free Beaches NZ Website - Lots of information there on good places to go if you're a naturist with little or no money, plus info on a lot of the paid naturist clubs/resorts and a lot of other relevant information - if you can find it. It's in need of an update and looks about as trendy as Billy Joel, but it's packed full of information and an invaluable resource for any naturist living in or visiting NZ.


Here is a link to a group who are working to get likeminded people, not nesessarily club members, together for social activities in New Zealand.

It looks like a great idea as it means those who don't want to pay the sometimes expensive club fees can enjoy the naturist lifestyle in the company of friendly and genuine naturists.

Seems the url is linked to the group fitness site, as it's no longer a naturist site anymore. Also the Free Beaches NZ website from my email conversation with the secretary is going to become a part of the gonatural site and will be overhauled then might become a member to keep him on his word.

Well the first stages of Free Beaches NZ new site is now up


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