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El Templo del Sol


Has anyone here been to El Templo del Sol? A friend of mine was suggesting it for the summer.

The pics look amazing with beautiful beach and facilities. Not sure if it has a large enough population, at least compared to the larger resorts.

I've been there about 10years  ago, so my memories aren't too vivid and could be not updated... but I remember a wonderful place, a bit small (not comparable with Valalta, or Cap d'Agde, or CHM), with a beautiful beach with pebbles and sand, clean water. The camping was nice, but no activities in the evening, except some show in the theatre, and probably some pubs. there was at least 1 restaurant and 1market inside.
There's also a wonderful pool with little waterfalls. The clients were almost exclusively families, old people....I didn't see many teens/young grownups around.
It's not too far from Barcelona (we had a trip one day), but, except that, not a lot of stuff around. 
So, in summary, very nice place, but after going to Valalta, Cap d'Agde, or CHM, I never would come back there, except I desire to visit Spain.

Thank you. That is kind of in line with my expectations.

Hello, does anyone have some recent review about the Templo del Sol?


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