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Hey everybody,  it's been awhile since I've posted,  but i wanted to let you guys know that myself and a group of friends are starting a new social network called naturefree.  The goal is to operate it like a naturist club online.  So anyone who can legally have a social media account can use the site.
While iyno has the market cornered on blogging and community development,  and true nudists offers a decent(ish) nudist site that's open to the public,  our site will focus on developing interpersonal friendships (like tn) in a safe, invitation/ application only environment (moe like here) . 
Since membership in this blog is verified already,  I'd like to invite you all to sign up for naturefree. Just go to the landing page and request membership to check it out.

Let me know if you have any questions.

seems cool

Thanks dude

Joined today, looks like a good start!

Thanks guys.  Be sure you say thanks to miss eleanor on there since she kinda started the core group.  And pass the invitation on to your friends so that they can meet other people on there


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