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I read that last summer, it was a great read but perhaps not as good as its hyped

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It really depends on your cultural context. I imagine to most of the Western world, mass surveillance is probably the only relatable thing. But I live in a country that only recently regained independence from a regime where things like rewriting history, people disappearing were a cruel reality, so it was very interesting to compare a fiction book from the 1940s to my parents/grandparents' stories from their real lives. Same goes for Animal Farm - both of those were very relatable. For someone who lives in a mature democracy, I can imagine it would be hard to relate to those things.

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there is a lot of parallels that can be seen in todays democracy if you look slightly below the surface.

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that i  agree with, the use of fear and shame to ever so slightly encroach our freedom and integrety


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