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Former F1 World Champion moves to WRC


After being touted to move from Ferrari (though he still was under contract with them for 2010) to a return to the McLaren Mercedes F1 team for 2010, all that appears to have gone up in smoke. Former F1 World Champion (2007) Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN has joined the ranks of the Junior Citroen team in the World Rally Championship for 2010 leaving the F1 circus behind. Will he become WRC World Champion, or fade into oblivion? How long before he returns, if he returns, to F1?

After the snow covered WRC Rally of Sweden, Kimi finished outside the Top 10 (well 35th to be precise) due to an altercation with a bank of cunningly disguised snow. Is that a sign of things to come?

It's a shame that Kimi has left F1, especially after a pretty average season in a fairly uncompetitive car. Luckily he's returning to his natural medium. No-one can get anywhere near those Finns when it comes to rallying (13 out of 35 WRC Drivers Championships have been won by Finns!) and I'm sure he'll do brilliantly. I'm just glad he got an F1 title before he left :)

NO biggy. But if he could win the WRC, that would mean he is versatile and one of the best on pavement and off paved roads. Don't feel sorry for him he still has a ton of money and a pretty wife.


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