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Hey y’all! Does anybody here garden? I recently planted some things, and they are looking beautiful! Does anybody else do this?

i was actually gonna try it while we were stuck at home, as part of my "trying to get out of the house" thing but cant go and get stuff to do it now!

I have the tendency to see if I can grow things from seeds taken from store bought fruits. Now I have paprika-sprouts and also lemon sprouts that are slowly turning into little trees. Also, I have a small round dinner table that I haven't been using for ... years ... since it is the sunniest place to keep my houseplants.

I also do this at my parents place, where they have a garden. There are some cherries growing, and also some plums.

We have a small greenhouse, normal dad takes care of it but he is working out of town. My brother and I planted some seedlings the other day sp now its wait and see

Haha we have a greenhouse but dad was actually thinking about taking it down cos he never uses it lol. I've convinced him to let me try first... Maybe.. lok


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