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Important message(Hoff Apprication Day 2020/10 Years Of Hoff)

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During these uncertain times we wanted to keep some routine. So we reached out to our beloved our mascot to pay us a remote visit but all we got was this reply

--- Quote from: Hoff ---Keep your distance, stay safe, be kind and wash your hands. Also play hooked on a feeling my version of course
--- End quote ---

So I guess. Keep your distance, stay safe, be kind and wash your hands and...

Ha ha ha ha ???? love it!!

Gotta love The Hoff

Because back in the early days of IYNO, a prolific former member regaled us with a lot of Hoff. This year would actually have been a very special celebration, the tenth annual Hoff Appreciation Day, but, as it happens with all those viruses around, many events get cancelled. Oh well...

Shouldn't an email have been sent out about this?


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