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Youtube : nude gym exercise

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Since the beginning of the quarantine here in France, I've decided to start working out and trying to shape my body for next summer ;)

I came across a really nice video made by the french naturist association of Paris which teach you some simple exercises and the coach is naturist too !

It's really great to do gym nude and to have a naturist coach as well !

Happy nude quarantine !

@celticryan you were too slow with your home gym, the fame and fortune plans are ruined! xD

Looks like a pretty solid routine whether nude or clothed. I have no idea what he is saying, but the positions and stretches look right. It's pretty easy to see how clothes get in the way here.

this is really cool, even more so because i have been working out more

I should give something like this a go too really, im a bit of a wimp and its not like i dont have the time haha


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