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Genres you don't like?

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So we all have our favourite genres, but what can you not stand?

Country music has a bad reputation, but I don't mind it. I prefer genres with slower tempos, so I'm not a fan of hip hop or pop, or a lot of metal

I'm not too a fan of country, jazz and rap. Other music genres don't bother me. I prefer genres with rhythmic or catchy tempos.

To be honest, I'm quite picky. I'm not a fan of metal, grunge, country, types of rap, cheesy pop etc.

Can't stand country for the most part. Dislike most pop.

hm, thought I posted, ah well.

I'm mostly a Rock fan. 80s/90s/00s/ and some newer stuff.

I grew up Country and in the area where we lived there was only 2 choices of music to listen to, which was Country or Tejano. Only understood one so I listened to that. I do still like some Country but rarely listen to it. If I do, it's really the lil bit older stuff.

Pop is hit and miss and mainly only Pop from the 90s.

Beyond that, listen to some Jazz, Blues, Techno(and it's variants), some metal and so fourth.

Main things I don't listen to is Screamo and Rap.


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