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Largest nudist site in Switzerland


I wonder if anyone here have been to Die Neue Zeit in Sitzberg. The place was featured in an interesting article below. I used google translate to read it (the original German version is in the link).

Basically you have 30 hectares of land to roam, do exercise, do camping, swim, relax, be free. They prohibit the use of alcohol, nicotine and meat onsite. The site I believed is organized by the same organization as in Die Neue Zeit in Thielle (a smaller one, more strict on membership, who can come, etc). Thielle is closer to where I live in Switzerland. But the place in Sitzberg seems to be much for interesting, although more difficult to reach by public transport.


Link of the place:

I don't know Die Neue Zeit but the place seems to me really magnificent according to the photo... lucky for the naturists in the area!  :like

Sounds very interesting and promising


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