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What are you currently reading?

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Kingkiller chronicles… waiting on that last book!

Finnished fieldwork in ukranian sex a while ago, really spectacular book. I can see why she was one of the favorites to win this years nobel prize. Altogh that would proably have been for her book the longest of journeys, havent read that one yet, but im probaly gonna. Anywas, she didnt win it, probably one strong cause is the invasion. Would have been to political and people wouldve claimed that it was only because of that.

Right now ive started rading dark back of time by Javier Marias. Its very slow and im having trouble grasping it atm. But i never quit a book. Its basically a fake novel about aother novel. ots kinda complicated.

Still also reading fanny and alexander, but thats taking some time since im also recording it.

The basics of electrical engineering. Schoolwork lol


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