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Does anyone else love to travel?

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Naturist or Non naturist, I think traveling is one of my biggest hobbies. I love to experience new cultures and learn about the people who live in other places. Where are your favourite places to travel?

I am lucky enough to travel for work almost full time (at least until this corona thing popped up). My favorite places to travel are Japan and Korea as I really enjoy their saunas. I also enjoy going on cruises for leisure (but those aren’t quite as nude friendly - at least the ones I go on).

I love to travel, we have had a few great trips to Europe, U S A and even across Canada
I like to explore the sites, the culture, the people and the food

Shiden Kai San:
@Spamaven34  -  I gotta ask - what job frequently takes ya to Korea and Japan?! :D

@Nudist.12  -  It's a great way to spend your time on this planet.  This is a subject that you and I briefly began to touch on elsewhere.

For me, travel is fun, but I don't necessarily live for it.  The primary issue is time and intention.   The problem is that whenever I visit a place, I like to spend quality time there.  The tourist destinations don't interest me as much as living among the people for a bit.  To get a true pulse of the culture, on the peoples day to day, and to give myself the chance to make new friends.  Of course, it's always fun to enjoy the fun stuff / to see the amenities that a country/area has to offer.  The problem is that as you get older, the opportunity to do these things can become difficult as you get bogged down with daily life demands. 

Hence why if you're in a position to travel, to do so as much as possible.  Especially while you're pretty young and people will be more than happy to accommodate ya. :D

I love but sadly I rarely can afford to, lol.

I did buy a passport last year in hopes of starting to vacation outside the US this year, but uhhh....things changed. Thankfully they are good for awhile.


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