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stilts for doing push-ups in your morning routine 😅



Video, 33 seconds. Link:
[/size]Password: 123456

Where's the equal opportunity for naturists who play sports?
[/size]Watch this video: it's obvious that the girl is privileged over the boy!
[/size]When you have a penis, don't you have the right to do push-ups without risking the health of your verge and your sports performances?

[/size]And worse: don't you have the right to do push-ups if you have an erection? In this case, how can we integrate this exercise into our morning routine??

[/size]Not to mention the bowls that take away our right to pee if we are one of the 2/3 whose penis does not point towards the center of the Earth!

[/size]When on Ulele is there going to be a fundraising campaign on stilts for all four limbs — legs and arms — so that we can give freedom to the fifth column?

[/size](Contains irony.)

[/size](I'm in the process of deleting files on my external hard drive. I came across some naturist videos that I downloaded in 2011 and 2012 but never watched. Actually, most of them aren't interesting because they don't tell a story in the sense that, if people were dressed up, it would take away all the meaning of the video).

Neat video, looks like something I'd like to have done when I was that age. Any one know when and where this was? Like any context, seems like a organised thing

So I can't remember what I was like as a child but watching this now, it's embarrassing how these children can do many pushups and I can't even do one  :rotfl2:



--- Quote from: swede on April 27, 2020, 09:31:18 pm ---Any one know when and where this was? Like any context, seems like a organised thing

--- End quote ---

Since I downloaded the video in 2011 or 2012, it's from one of those years or before.

It was in the Czech Republic.

The title of the file is Poolside Activities. I didn't find it in the site with this name, but with a search engine I found, for example, this:

The video shows a small group of children playing in the pool and performing some physical exercises, supervised by a few adults. It looks like an ordinary naturist family pool gathering, like the ones which take place in cities where naturist clubs have time slots in public or private swimming facilities, not a special celebration.

The video has no narration. It's just some slices of the meeting.


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