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Family guy s3 e18 nudist episode.

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I just remembered this episode.

It's a episode where the family meets a nudist family.

I won't spoil anything, but I was pleasantly surprised by how the writers handled the topic.

Of course the humor is childish and there were many sexual jokes, but no jokes were about the naturists being sex crazed or anything. More the opposite, they made fun of how other people sexualize nudists.

Honestly surprised about how nice the writers were to naturists as a group since they usually make fun of everything. Probably someone in the writing team who's a nudist and wanted to spread the message in a funny way. 

Would recommend it, please let me know what you think of the episode!

Link to imdb:

I love the Family Guy, I will have to look for that episode.

Watching it now on Hulu.  :laughing

I remember that episode, it was a great one! I'm gonna have to rewatch it, it's been years

I thought it was a good episode.  The nudist couple did only appear in a handful of episodes after that.  Do remember seeing them in nothing but KISS makeup in a later episode. :laugh:


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