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Assassin's creed odyssey nude mod.

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Recently i have purchased assassin's creed odyssey. After a few hours of playing the game i fell in love with it. While i was looking up mods for skyrim on nexus, i came across the mod section for assassin's creed odyssey. To my surprise they have a mod that makes the player chracter (alexios or kassandra) nude. It can also make npcs nude aswell and has the ability to choose the amount of nudity for specific social hierarchy like servents or nobels. I think the mod is a good fit for the time period and location. Thr nudity is done in a way that is in my opinion very immersive if you like playing as a nudist. It also is not over sexual in the way the body is designed. I recommend people give it a try!   Some footage

The weapons are still hovering next to the body, but nudity looks good in the ancient Greek environment.
I wonder how the city life look with the npcs going about their lives.

blank radar:
seeing this, and just the idea of hopping around in a cave and swimming through a quiet river, reminds me why i'm a naturist

That's so cool, I'd love to play the game like that. It's so beautiful and natural for the setting.

any one want to buy me this lol . looks like it be fun game and coold mod.


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