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Mates for summer holidays at Valalta

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Hello guys and girls,

My summer 2020 plans have changed all in a sudden and now I have to reshuffle everything.

I was wandering if any of you is planning/willing to go to Valalta naturist camping this summer for the last week of July and first of August, or the first 2 of August. We might share the trip (from norther Europe) or meet directly there, the pitch and potentially the accommodation too. Above all it's a good opportunity to get to know some of you and chill with some like minded people in an amazing place  :laugh:

Hope some of you are into this, in case you can also PM me for an easier communication.

I am totally interested if I can get off work !

i was planing to go to france with some friends but at the moment i'm not sure if they can travel (one is in australia).
i wanted to check out valalta so if traveling would be possible and if i'll have enough money i would definitely be interested.
feel free to pm me to talk about the details.

I hadn't heard about valata until now. Looks amazing

What do you guys think? Would a telegram group be helpful to gather people and organize?


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