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Hello, there!

So... I guess I could start by saying that I always liked to be nude, and always questioned why people considered some body parts as “forbidden“.

Living in a family that wasn’t open about nudity, I always had to keep my clothes on, but, in my head, I started creating several stories, in which the main characters would be nude for no reason, and would behave completely normally, in spite of that.

As an artist, I also started drawing.

However, by then, my knowledge about “nudism” and “naturism” was very limited, and full of misinformation.

Only then, when one decided to post some of my arts on Deviantart, I started to approach and understand more the nudist community, and I soon realized that it was perfect for me!

I still live with my family. I can’t be nude at home, nor even have gone to a nudist or naturist place or event.
But as soon as I manage to get job, I intend to start frequenting these!

Hi welcome to the forum, you will find a lot of people here in the same situation as you being closed nudists

Hello and welcome! Good to have you!


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glad to see another new face on this bustling place


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