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My next book


I'm thinking for my next book, a science fiction in the future revolving around multiple characters. I'm thinking about several types of characters but one of them in particular, I want to make a naturist from France, female, who comes from a domed city where a portion of them belong to a particular group who do not wear clothes any time except maybe at work (she would be a crew member and required to wear a uniform on the station when on duty).

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance


Brent Schwert:
You could make it part of her religion, like the skyclads in India (I think), it would provide more tension, and some good banter, if she is trying to convert everyone subtly. And you can have visitors who practice the same religion. A bit of tension is the thing, just not too much...

Blake Skies:
An interesting idea, if you want to workshop it more I run a nudist writers workshop on discord. Just PM me for the link

I might send you, what I call, the introduction to that character to see what you think.
I try to make sure I include some aspect of nudity/nudism/FKK in my books. Nudity is a common thing for humans to do (sleep, bathe, etc.) and it is missing in almost every book I've read or movie I've seen.
It's common and needs to be included. That's why we Americans are so afraid of it.
I'm trying to make it like it is, a part of everyday life. :smiley:


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