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Walter Wanderley


If you like jazz music, specifically a very tropical 70's-80's feel to it, you'll love Walter Wanderley. I've listened to his music for a couple years now and I absolutely love it. His electric organ gives the music so much life! Also, I recommend listening with headphones because you can hear different instruments sounding like they're on your left or right (at least on Spotify.) Most of his music doesn't have vocals, but when it does it's top tier. Typically Astrud Gilberto will do vocals in songs like "Summer Samba," and "The Girl From Impanema," but sometimes there will be other vocalists in songs like "Soulful Strut." I never have a bad time listening to Walter Wanderley.

Sorry I just noticed a spelling error. I meant to say "Ipanema" and not "Impanema." That's all!


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