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Thoughts regarding nudity and animation?

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Okay, so I've made plenty of posts about games I wanna make or am making... God I get too many game ideas. But now I think I can say with confidence I'm just gonna do this one game to get it out of my system.

This game is an action platformer. Action such as guns, swords, martial arts, and anime-esque attacks. Platformer as in... well, platforming like Mario or Sonic.

It's extremely loosely based on the Book of Genesis, but more apocalyptic. It's starring two androids taking the roles of Adam and Eve but saving the world. They are androids who only wear jackets bearing the emblem of their organization, but I'm unsure of whether or not to have them barbie/ken anatomy, stylized doll anatomy (as in something like markings or plating over where their nudity would be), or fully nude. My main concern is animating the nudity, trying to make sure it doesn't come off as inappropriate especially if viewed by nudists. For instance, with a splits kick or just jumping, there's gonna be a lot of  bouncing parts and revealing poses in the actions. How would you, as a nudist, say it'd be best handled? (I can make some illustrations later today as well to help)

Pretty sure you're not going to be oogle-leery about those animations, so it's gonna be fine. If all else failed, maybe use visual effects to cover up the bits in those moments.

Interested Nudist:
I would say go fully nude on the characters. Don't shape them like Ken or Barbie dolls. They look unrealistic. Try to do your best to make the body looks at realistic and natural as possible I guess.

Nude would be interesting, but would you get a more wider demographic if you would add all the above as options for their appearance.

I would say make the movesets natural and ... streamlined, so to speak. You might already be in the mind in avoiding the what I feel is the 'game industry normal' with the sensual swaying hip movement for the female characters and the usual tropes. Be brutally realistic with the characters animations and I doubt that people will have any room to wiggle in anything bad to say about your characters portrayal.   

But I guess all comes down to how you have written your characters to behave and how you want to portray them in body movement.
Can you tell more about your Adam and Eve?

@Northman my Adam and Eve, as previously stated, are androids. But they're not like robotic looking androids. They're bio-mechanical and have all kinds of nano machine technology in their bodies which allow them to transform certain parts just a bit. For instance, making small boosters on their body (legs, hips, back, arms) to fly, or making a mask to breathe while underwater. Other than that, they're extremely strong and fast and are capable of fighting renegade military mechs without the use of weapons. Their designs place them somewhere between late teens and mid 20's in looks. Last thing I can think of (still waking up lol) is that they have something similar to plating that covers certain parts of their body, such as a large chunk of the arms and legs. It's mostly through this plating that the nano machines are able to work.


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