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Re: Quarantiners Urged to Dress Before Answering Door
« Reply #30 on: September 21, 2020, 11:55:52 pm »
This summer I've been doing deliveries to peoples homes and I kinda feel like I'm coming to their home so they have a right to be the way they want to be. If they open the door nude that's fine because I came to them.

That being said, No one has opened the door completely nude (except for some kids) they have always had least had a towel on.

Someone being nude would be the least of my concern after all the weird shit I've seen in peoples homes.

Not everyone has the same boundaries that you (and most people here) would have though. Not everyone wants a random naked person just sprung on them, and they might have VERY VALID reasons for that, and that shouldn't be lost on anyone here. I mean, don't get it twisted, I get where you're comin' from, but you gotta remember that not everyone is gonna see it like you do.

The question what reasons are valid is a difficult question in and of itself. You cannot expect people to conform to the particular needs of every possible visitor. I assume a good guideline will be how common you can expect a negative reaction to be versus how much it would inconvenience the resident. As an extreme example, if someone is uneasy around people of a particular ethnicity, tough luck, because a resident who is, say, Indian, could not change that aspect of himself if he tried. But what about clothes of a particular color? People might react negatively to that, for instance if a particular color is associated with a criminal gang or something along those lines. On the other hand: If someone opens the door wearing something like a MAGA hat, it is fairly likely they are doing that to get a reaction out of their visitor - it is not common to just be wearing a hat at home.

That's nowhere near the same and literally the dumbest thing I've ever seen you write. What the actual fuck? Ask your homegirls about seeing unwanted dicks and let me know if respecting common boundaries is still a "silly idea".

Does everyone has the right to be comfortable in their own home: YES!

Do people who deliver mail, etc., want to have naked folk answer the door: PROBABLY NOT!

The way I see it is that, there's an extent to which your beliefs and way of living at home can become offensive to others. In this case, when it comes to nudity, because it can so often be blown out of context, it makes no sense to answer the door to people who you don't know, without clothes on.

If it was me, I'd, by default, answer the door with *something* on me, unless I knew the person who had knocked on the door, was ok with answering nude, AND if I was certain it was them.

The front door IS the gateway to the public street when someone has knocked on it, so, therefore it makes sense to me to act in accordance to public law, despite being on my property.

It is a grey area, but if I was unsure, I'd act like I would amongst the general public, to save offense, embarrassment, or confrontation.

I completely agree, while one does have the right to do what they want in their own home, opening the door is straddling the line of public/private and even in private situations I'm less likely to just go naked if I don't know if everyone around me is comfortable with it.