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Surin Blastanos:
Thought I'd start a new thread instead of ressurecting a 10 year old one. Are any of you guys into musicals? I've been going through Bettlejuice on repeat recently, and I love Matilda and Waitress. What about you guys?

I killed it in our school musical in 9th grade lol

Tbh I find musicals a bit wierd,  people suddenly bursting into song,  but I do enjoy the music qite often.

i've seen quite a few live ones: phantom of the opera, les miserables, the invisible man, kiss of the spiderwoman, cats, miss saigon..... (some i even saw more than once)
moviewise: rocketman, bohemian rhapsody, billy billy elliot, les miserables, pitch perfect.....

Being friendly with the theatre arts majors at college I went to many of their rehearsals as well as their productions as well as Broadway productions in NYC. I too originally thought that breaking out in song seemed stupid until I got to appreciate the lyrics and how they moved the story along. Some of my all time favorites (stage and film) would be: Mame (which had a couple of lines about a progressive elementary school where the students were nude), Evita, La Cage aux Folles, Bohemian Rhapsody, and  Rocketman.


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