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Hey all

So I will be planning a trip next summer (if Coronavirus does not keep getting in the way!) to France.

I REALLY want to go to some of the resorts but am a student so do not have a lot of money, but will be working to save up for the holiday.

My plan is to go to Euronat and CHM beaches (the cost is too much for camping even) and stay in hostel in Montalivet but walk to beaches on the daytime when I am there. I am then driving to the Provence part of France and look to stay at Sabliere and Belezy for one or two nights in the cheapest accomodations. They have c

Should I try to go to Cap D'Age too or is it all sex and creepy?

Is there any other places I should go and advice you can give? Will it be difficult as 'solo male traveler'?

I will be driving home to Germany from London but have 2 or 3 weeks in France for the whole holiday.


Sounds awesome, so many great places in france to visit, has some great recent reviews of place in france

You could check out couchsurfing too, its a cool way to stay with nudists who will know good local spots and maybe can visit with you, won't be difficult traveling alone but always nice if can travel with someone for part of the trip and potentially could make a stay at a resort for a few days more affordable?

I would recommend visiting the beach at cap d agde if you can fit it in, its an amazing experience

Definitely you cannot go to France and not to visit Cap d'Agde.
Don't be prude  :happy it's an amazing crazy experience  :laughing
You can read some of my post about it.

In the same situation as you, was planning this year but good old Corona fucked that. Hopefully next year!!

a vacation in france sounds great, i did it a few times and cam totally recomend CHM, la-jenny and Arna.
renting a chalet in those places is a bit expensive but they also have a camping option, if i remember correctly it's around 300-400 euros for a camping pitch for a week, if you go with someone else (or more than one person) it could be cheap enough.
if traveling will be possible next summer i hope i could also go to those resorts with friends, if you are interested you could probably join us.
my first naturist resort experiance was also with them, i met them here in the forum and it turned out to be the best vacation(s) i've been to.
you can feel free to PM me and talk about it.
i think it's also nicer to travel with other people than alone.


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