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It seems there is a feud between two Dunedin based naturist clubs.

The clubs are Southern Free Beaches and the Orchard Sun Club based in a town called Middlemarch.

blank radar:
this is pretty funny, but i'm also pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of naturist content on the NZ Herald

I could pretty much sense what the article was about before reading it. All a bit stupid many people could have their cake and eat it too by being members if both clubs. Or stop complaining and outcompete the other club in marketing like that free market thing not that many people recognise what that is these days.

On new year's eve a group of us naturist campers were discussing how certain clubs in Australia have these problems too. It's a pity because they have much potential if they would just let the younger crowd do a few things their own ways.

Interesting thanks for sharing. That's the issue with NZ, we have a few clubs with older people in them (which for a guy in his 20s) is not appealing at all. Also they are mega expensive and you can't do a nude event unless you pay.... So I've never been. But an event based thing, id be totally keen for.


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