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One of our very first members, arrived here from the fkk youth site (see Germany) and we are happy to have him! GolasPL knows Polish Naturism well and the informatoin is:

Polish Naturist Federation
Phone: **48 33 8144758

From their site:
FNP is an Association with the name Polish Naturist Federation, hereinafter the Federation.

The Federation shall operate within the territory of the Republic of Poland. The registered seat of the Federation is Bielsko-Biała.

The Federation relies on voluntary work of its members. It may hire employees to perform specific tasks provided for in the Statutes.

The objectives of the Federation are:

Popularizing naturism as a way of promoting physical and mental well-being in close contact with Nature, outdoors, and while practicing sports.
Promoting naturism as a way of life in harmony with Nature by combining nudity with respect for the individual, the society, and the environment.
Promoting a healthy lifestyle, contributing to physical and spiritual development, while opposing everything detrimental to it in particular the abuse of alcohol, nicotine and drugs.
Supporting the idea of naturism as a form of harmonious coexistence of people, neutral to their beliefs, ideals, and political orientation.
The Federation shall carry out its objectives by:

Organizing various forms of cooperation among members,
Working with other social organizations which pursue similar objectives,
Publishing materials and information about naturism,
Representing its members before state and local governments,
Undertaking other lawful activities that help carry out the objectives.

Some links such as this, look sooooooooooo attractive for a convention!

This Cafe looks great too! The name is cute and I guess (Albert can tell us) its just a normal name!

I didn't know Poland had such beaches.


If anybody from Poland came here you can wrote more about naturist in poland here,6611.msg56417.html#msg56417 :) its good forum about naturist in Poland sauna place in Lodz City


--- Quote from: Danee on May 06, 2009, 02:20:55 pm ---Some links such as this, look sooooooooooo attractive for a convention!

--- End quote ---
It's true that Poland has a bunch of beautiful beaches that many have gone to in the nude for decades. But the organisation mentioned here, FNP, is sadly perceived as a more and more private one, in the sense that its owners made it very intransparent the latter years. There has been really a lot of complaints on them among Polish naturists. The owners of FNP, who make commercial business out of it, instead of promoting naturism to people in a non-profit way which they are supposed to work like, given the fact it's registered as an association, not an enterprise, also possess this venue you mentioned Danee, called Cezar. It's just a couple (I guess) who promote their own venue using the association, plus they resist being transparent with the financial statements to other members of FNP (I think they were even taken to court by another member because of it). And they somehow "stole" Poland's slot in the network of INF :/

If anyone from Poland reads it, I strongly advise registering at where dozens of objective opinions and useful info about naturism in Poland can be found :) I'm a part of it, I joined about 2 years ago when it was on a rise by the matter of active users (not being new though, it's more than 10 years old forum) and it's still doing very well, gathering new users daily!

Always very cool to have updates.  Information is so well appreciated.  Question, cannot a complaint be filed with the World Governing Body about it?  Surely they must listen? 


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