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Anyone here watch Saturday Night Live? If so what is your favorite sketch from it?

blank radar:
i check in on snl occasionally, and although it's pretty hit-or-miss for me, i will never forget my first time seeing the david s. pumpkins skit. every time i watch it again it becomes increasingly clear how unabashedly dumb it is, but at this point i don't care anymore

Surin Blastanos:
Ooh, has to be either the High School Theatre series or the Inghram Angle series, they're fantastic.

I like SNL and watch it once in a while. One of my favorite sketches was the spoof of schoolhouse rocks I’m Just a Bill with executive orders.

For non-Americans or people who aren’t familiar with schoolhouse rock this is what they are spoofing.

I have watched Saturday Night Live on and off since the 90s (Farley, Sandler, Hartman era) and have watched episodes from the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players (Akroyd, Radner, Belushi) and from the Eddie Murphy era.  When it comes to the political satire, that show is spot-on.  Usually the Cold Open and Weekend Update segments are the funniest for each episode.  Don't really have one favorite sketch but my favorites (see below) feature the late, great Chris Farley.


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