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I was originally going to ask if anyone has tried the remake FF7 but then realised many here might be too young to remember the original back in 1997. Instead has anyone played either version? If you have tried both what do you think? I’m particularly curious to know if any of the younger members here tried the remake and checked out the original game.

I loved the old PlayStation FF7. When I first got my ancient PS1 console, FF7 was among the first three games I got with it. Fast forward and Crisis Core on the PSP was great, although as a prequel to the original I felt the new characters didn’t fit in well (personal taste) and of course I knew what the ending had in store. Now I’ve given the remake a try and I really like it. Of course the graphics were going to be loads better but wasn’t sure about game play or the story, as there were bound to be differences between this and the original. So far the new game only covers the Midgar chapter and has been well padded up with extra story content and side quests. These have allowed the original story to be told unaffected by new additions and even adds to it.

As this current release only covers Midgar, the original Midgar section was only a small portion of the first of three discs of the entire game, some favourite bits were borrowed from later chapters of the original and inserted into the remake early on. Battle Arena from Gold saucer is now a feature of Wall Market in Sector 6. Normally, when things like this happen in prequels and remakes, they make me cringe but I was too busy either enjoying the game or getting frustrated with difficult battles and quests to care.

ive played them both, dad made me play the original oen when he heard i wanted the remake haha. the first one had a cool story but really dated - i liked it tho - weird having people look like shapes tho lol. the remake is amazing, im glad they fleshed a short bit out so well, its a good story and deserves some flesh! wonder if they'll stick to the old story or just skip to interesting bits a bit now.

hah battle arena was moved cos they needed an arena in the game. i bet therell be an arena in every game.

Thanks for the input @TheMattinator im really glad you enjoyed the original version too. I know the figures in that one were odd but for 90s graphics and so much content squeezed into those old discs I guess something had to be cut on. The cinematic scenes were great for their time though. When FF8 came out they used better shaping for the characters and my friend at the time commented on it while we were playing, “remember the shorties?” Gave us a chuckle. Then FF9 came and the shorties returned  :laughing

I hope future parts will follow the same, stick to the old story adding some extra juicy parts. I’d hate to see them chop it down. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a battle arena in every game, it does need to be there however I hope they keep it to Wall Market and Gold Saucer as I feel any more would risk repetition as I’ve seen in so many reboots and remakes. The three JJ Abrams Star Trek movies were a classic example (I know not gaming related) and Star Wars Force Awakens felt like a compilation of the old movies. I know people will disagree but hey don’t lynch me for it ????

I loved the original in the 90s and I have the remake but haven’t even taken the plastic off. Too busy.

@Calypso i hope you get time soon and enjoy it.


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