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Hehe, cool. When I first saw UFC I was horrified! Now I am hooked, as I can see the discipline and tactics being played out. Sure it's violent (oh yes, there will be blood), but they are all as professional as any boxer or single discipline Martial Artist. I don't have a favourite fighter, but I was a guy the other day who looked like the 'Animal' from the Muppets when he came out fighting, got hammered and came back for more and only ended up losing on points. Yes Brock Lesnar is a mean cat.

Huge BJ Penn fan here with tons of respect for GSP. Some how I know a lot about the sport and the rest of the fighters even though I only mainly follow BJ.

I like to watch the UFC Shows, but I have not a favorite fighter

I haven't been keeping up with it but I was really keen when UFC first started to get a video or DVD of it. I was heavily into martial arts then and one of my Thai boxing instructors had actually competed in some of the qualifying competitions. I love to see the different techniques used and see how they work in practise.


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