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Anyone play any instruments?

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It’s only me:

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--- Quote from: kingsalah05 on January 12, 2021, 11:53:26 am ---Do you play electric or acoustic? i play acoustic guitar and piano :smiley:

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I have an electric. What kind of stuff do you play?

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i know alot of ed sheeran haha but some Mumford and sons, arctic monkeys, tom grennan stuff like that. hbu?

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Mostly 90s and 00s punk and ska lol

Surin Blastanos:
I play violin and guitar, and a wee bit of piano and flute

So I've played a fair few instruments in my time mainly: Violin, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Accordian, Djembe Drums, Glockenspiel and I also have a didgeridoo, not that i play it much  :laughcrying:

However, the only instrument I've continued to play for the last few years is Piano.

It’s only me:
Didgeridoo? Interesting

blank radar:
i got back into basic piano recently, but sadly my recorder "skills" as a reluctant 10-year-old in school have left me entirely


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