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Nudist Themes


Blake Skies:
So here's something I've wondered and deeply thought about for a long, long while. Hell I probably put up a topic like this before (and if I did sorry for the repetition I genuinely can't remember nor find this article) but now that I'm running a Nudist Writers Workshop on Discord as well as writing several nudist themed stories, to say nothing of the myriad of stories I've read that run the gambit between Nudist Story and Porn, I'm left to wonder this:

Long ago I transcribed that there are only two types of Stories: Stories with Nudists in them, or Nudist Stories. Or more accurately like this: Nudist stories are where Character A discovers Nudism or Character A introduces Character B to Nudism, hijinks ensue, while stories with Nudist elements are what it says on the tin, where nudist/nude characters take part in a story's plot whether its adventure, horror, thriller, ect ect. 

Do you all agree with that? And/or are anyone aware of stories that break the mold?

Surin Blastanos:
That matches what I've read, yeah


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