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Since we have several new people, I'd like to remind something about the rules. Post Padding.

Post Padding is where you make a ton of replies usually to individual people. If you want to reply to others, that's great, but please...if you are replying to a whole group of people at the same time, remember that you can create multiple quotes and replies to everyone in ONE post. Please do not reply with multiple replies so that it's just your name several scrolls down.

Not pointing the finger of course, but if you notice your post edited like that, it was me that put it back in place.

It disrupts the flow of reading and looking for yourself or individuals in replies.

Since there have been several that have been doing this recently, replying so that it will pop up on your list.

Please do not post pad as it makes the forums harder to read for others and artificially inflates your own post.


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