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--- Quote from: Nudielad on November 01, 2023, 07:32:38 pm ---
--- Quote from: Fishandchips on November 01, 2023, 06:54:56 pm ---My brother recently restarted model railway and has been creating one on a 6x4 feet table. The other week he sent my 225s (British Rail class 91 electric locomotives) for repairs. Intercity 225 was British Rail before privatisation in the 90s and the GNER 225 (originally belonged to my cousin) was a post privatisation company which had the franchise for the east coast mainline running trains along the route of the Flying Scotsman. The other picture are trains from sets we got for Christmas one year when we were kids. The red one is mine, Midland Belle goods train set and his GWR Mixed traffic set. Still working after about 30 years.

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Awesome stuff mate! I still remember these Class 91's thundering up and down the ECML until recently

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I’m so old I remember when they were new. I was so excited when my grandad told me about the new trains because the other ones (125s) were too noisy for me. Now both 125 and 225 are retired 🥺

My first project of 2024, a MiG-17. It's a rescue project, got the plane mostly built off eBay looking very unloved.

First one of 2024 also completed. A Yak-3 of the Soviet Air Force 1945.

The models look amazing!!! :like



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