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Question about moderation policies


So do the mods go around editing people's posts? What's the extent of the moderation here? Let's just say I've heard and seen a few things and I wanna know the modding process here.

We aren’t going to go full in depth of everything we do, but generally we edit if it’s against the rules.

Two main ones I usually have to edit is if people put their personal IM information in a post, which I will also leave a mod comment or reply mentioning that rule.

Second one is post padding. If you post multiple replies in a row, will condense to one reply but all the replies are still intact.

If a conversation is too against the rules, then it’ll just be deleted.

In addition to what DrgHybrid explained, understand that will never edit someone's post to change their intended message. Post editing is used for 'housekeeping', keeping the forum tidy, and if you have questions about a specific post or situation in which one of your posts was edited, feel free to message a moderator to understand why!

Indeed. It would be a fairly serious abuse of mod powers to edit your post in a way that puts words in your mouth that you never intended to utter like that. If we need to add something to your post, it will be marked accordingly.

Thanks for all the replies. I feel I do understand better now.


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