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Important questions regarding the forum.

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Hi I have some general questions that I think everyone should know the answer to. Perhaps it should be pinned, idk.

1. Who owns the forum?

2. Who pays for the forum?

3. Who are the admins and why are they admins?

4. Who are the mods and why are they mods?

5. Who owns the rights to images/content posted to the forum?

6. Who has legal responsibility for the content on the site?

7. Is the site affiliated with inf-fni in any way?

I think these questions are really important, and if anyone has any similar questions. Please comment and I'll add them to the post.

I'll also quote the mods answer below each question.

Best regards!

No. 4 is especially interesting for me, as I perceive this site being perfectly moderated / administrated with one increasingly worrying exception.

It’s only me:
No one ever asks "how are the mods"

To paraphase a Guardian of the Galaxy: "I'll do you one better, when are the mods?"

But seriously these are good questions the thread raises, transparency is always important.

Google owns everything these days don't they? Do you feel you are being fedposted.


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