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A change of guard, and some changes to the forum

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Hey everyone,

It has been twelve years since this community was created. Many founders have left since then, many new faces have joined. People have grown out of our age range, and a whole generation of members who were not old enough to use the internet back then are now members of this site. for the past twelve years, Pisco has been operating this site, asking for nothing in return except for this lovely community. But, like for all of us, "young" is getting more relative day by day, and he has been looking for a new generation to pass the torch to. For a person who could continue the task of running this site at the heart of our community.

In the wise words of Wilton Knight, "One man can make a difference." So to find that man, we looked to the one person who knows more than anyone else how to be that one man who can make a difference. That is right: David Hasselhoff.

The response from the Hoff could not have been any better. He searched the world, and in the Netherlands, he found that person. He also used that opportunity to participate in an André Rieu concert while there:

So, to cut a long story short, Wesley has been given the keys to this website. The transfer went smoothly, we even got television to broadcast the relevant staff meeting.

Side note: Anyone remember when that show was good?

Now, of course, with a change in management, there will be some change in our operation. Pisco has generously provided us with hosting since he founded this site, but that is not a burden we want to keep placing on every site owner in the future. So, we have decided to switch to an ad-supported model. Sadly, when we told advertising companies that our site featured nudity and had a target audience starting at 14 years old, we kinda ran out of options. But that is kind of at the core of this community. We do not want to become an adult-only site and throw out a sizable portion of our members, so what are we to do? And what do we have to bond over, if not naturism?

Well, once again, our eyes fell on the one man that could make a difference. It was obvious. What we all share, other than our love of naturism, is our love of David Hasselhoff. Surely nobody would object to a 14-40 audience on a David Hasselhoff site. So, it is my honor to welcome you to the new and revamped International DAvid Hasselhoff Organization, or IDAHO for short. To help ease the transition, we have decided that the front page shall be our favorite Hoff photos as long as we are still able to get away with showing so much skin.

So, once again, welcome to IDAHO and a happy Hoff Appreciation Day (April 1st) to everyone of you.

So... to clear up a few things:

* IYNO is staying IYNO, we are not giving up what this community is about.
* Some changes are however coming
* And there is a reason Wesley is an admin now.
So, stay tuned for more updates later this month.

Couldn't have asked for a better welcome ceremony, thanks @Delta , David Hasselhoff, and André Rieu  :laughcrying:

Love this!! Congrats guys.. ideas are easy! Execution with style and humour like you’ve done is difficult 🤣🤣🤣

Made my day!

blank radar:
i, for one, welcome our not-so-new hoff overlord.
meanwhile now seems like a good time for:,30868.msg299204.html#msg299204

All hail the Hoff


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