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Management changes: a (re-)introduction

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Nearly 5 years ago, I became a member of our wonderful community of naturists. I had been to a spa and visited a nude beach before, but had no idea what more there was to enjoy. At the time I was only just discovering what naturism had to offer, now that I was old enough to venture out into the world.

And what an adventure it was! I joined my country's Naturism Federation, and went camping with its youth group. Shortly after being welcomed to this group of teens and young adults, I joined them to spend my summer vacation at a resort in the south of France, filled with exciting activities I had never done before such as canyon hiking. The friends I've made through this group are a fantastic bunch of people who I still hang out with a lot!

Besides the wonderful resources available on our forum, the community we have here is what makes us shine as bright as we do. I've gotten to known several members in person, even in other continents when I travel around the world! If there is one thing I have missed in this past year of lockdowns and travel bans, it's being able to visit events and meet with other naturists. Having this community to talk with everyone and meet up with new faces online, has been more valuable than ever.

The forum is ran by a talented group of volunteers who continuously pour in their time and effort to make it as great as it is, and I have been a proud member of the moderation team for years. Once started by @Pisco , @Danee , and various staff members, the forum has grown to become a welcoming community. And I strongly believe we will continue to be the best online location for naturists to meet, talk, discuss, and hang out. Especially after the pandemic, once we are all able to go out and share our experiences again!

I would like to thank @Pisco for his hard work and especially for building out the forum as we know and love it today. Without this community, many people around the world wouldn't have discovered all the things naturism has to offer, and even more members wouldn't have talked with so many other naturists around the globe. I will always be grateful for what you have achieved and what it has meant for myself and others.

Starting this month, I'm taking over Pisco's role of running the forum. After the ceremony by David Hasselhoff and André Rieu, arranged by @Delta (thanks!), the keys have been handed over and I'm going to be responsible for the formalities and official side of managing the website. Rest assured though, this is a formal change that isn't going to impact the community or website as it currently is. I'll be managing the forum together with the great staff team, and blindly trust them to steer us all in the right direction!

And with the announcement out of the way, I want to invite everyone to share their highlights and positive impact the forum has had on them, and join me in thanking Pisco for all the hard work!



--- Quote from: Wesley on April 12, 2021, 03:49:07 pm ---I'll be managing the forum together with the great staff team, and blindly trust them to steer us all in the right direction!

--- End quote ---

You have to be pretty blind to trust me. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I'm sure you'll do a great job :D.

I look forward to your capable leadership

Congratulations on taking over from Pisco and running the forum now
I know you'll  excel at it and looking forwarding to working with you


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