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Hi everyone!

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I'm Maks, I'm 27 yo and I'm from Poland.

I became interested in naturism in my early teenage years during a (non-naturist) vacation in Croatia with my family. I've always missed contact with other naturists my age. I was lucky enough to meet my girlfriend at the time and now my wife, who, although she may not be a die hard naturist, accepted and enjoy this lifestyle with me. She was the one who always supported me and accompanied me in visits to naturist places. Together, we have already met many other naturists of different age at the beach, which confirmed my belief in how open and interesting people they are. However, there are never too many friends and I hope to meet some wonderful people here as well. That's why I'm very pleased to be part of this Forum! :)

Nature/biology and contact with it has always been close to me. I am interested in a bit of zoology, botany and palaeontology. I could live in a natural history museum. As a hobby I keep several freshwater aquariums. We run a small vegetable garden and a backyard chicken coop. My dream is to scale up and start a large clothing-optional organic farm. At the other end of the spectrum of my interests are sci-fi books, movies and video games. I'm a big fan of No Man's Sky lately. I also love board games. I'm a bit of a nerd, I guess...

Anyway, I'm glad to join this forum and I hope I'll be able to become a valuable member of this community. It would be great to meet some international pen-pals in here and who knows - maybe even meet up at the beach one day :)

Welcome! You have found a friendly and accepting  online nudist community. You are truly fortunate to have a wife who will join and support you in your naturism and dreams. In time I hope you post more about your thoughts of having an organic nudist farm.

a warm welcome from the UK. Love the clothing optional organic farm idea!! I would definitely come visit

Hey Maks, welcome to the forums!

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if only i had something more in-depth to say than "welcome to the forum", but alas, welcome!


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