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The failing of the movie industry


I love classic comedy movies. The Naked Gun, Weird Science, Ace Ventura, and of course Austin Powers.

The thing is, they just don't make funny movies any more :( The art of slapstick is mostly dead. I'm sad about this because there's a very finite number of funny movies left that I haven't seen yet.

That's not to say that all modern movies are crap. Movies with Simon Pegg are still really funny. Paul is one of my favorites.

Why do ya'll think this is? My guess is that no.1 our generation of directors and writers have no talent, and in general are poor script writers. Not that I could do any better, just in contrast to the older ones. And of course there's the fact that any funny joke is going to be hated on by verified twitter users. So naturally all the publishing companies have no balls and won't touch anything that might get the blue check marks upset. (those ppl have no sense of humor whatsoever).


That and the obsession with looking back on old successes and the fond memories people have of watching those favourites from their golden days and trying to rejuvenate them for modern cinema causing copycat rebooting of franchises and in some cases repeatedly rebooting the same dumb films (superman) over and over. Of course the sheep... I mean public don’t help by actually paying to go see them. Into darkness and force awakens we’re the last two movies I wasted money on. They were both just rehashing elements from older star trek and wars movies

Comedy rarely ages well in my opinion.  I grew up watching those movies, but I find em pretty cringy these days. 

blank radar:
no comedy is timeless, and every time i revisit old comedies i usually find them less funny. a lot of them are predicated on being raunchy or insensitive for their own sake and thus age, well, let's just say, very badly.
i wouldn't necessarily say all talent has been sucked away, either. people in every generation complain about how the good old days were better, but don't seem to realize that a similar ratio of genius films and schlocky garbage is always being made, or that cultures evolve over time and thus so does their sense of humor.
it's the set of people who praise a very specific kind of comedy as the only "real" comedy: just being offensive and reaffirming their own sense of self-superiority, which isn't what "all comedy is based on tragedy" means, assuming that saying is true, which it only may be. that's not saying i laugh at everything - it's all a matter of personal preference.
some (metaphorical) exterminators will look at a house with a single ant on it and think it's more important to "fix" than the entire city infested with cockroaches next door. although well-meaning, they have misplaced priorities. meanwhile, the city is populated completely by people who think the buildings are made of bugs, not bricks. although those bricks might as well have been lost to the bugs, so let's build a new city. it could be funny, too


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