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Chess problems!

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I love chess. I would like to post a weekly chess problems for the game lovers!

Our first challenge! Black to move and win in 3 movements:

K2R3R/1PqbB1P1/P3pP2/1nPp4/5b1P/p6p/kpQ5/8 w 0-1

Bloody hell! I could never plan three moves in advance. I took it one at a time

Bishop to c6

Hope I visualized the moves right:

Black: Queen B7
White: King B7
Black: Bishop to C6
White: King to B6 OR King to C8

If white moves King to B6:
Black: Bishop to C7 and Checkmate

If white moves King to C8:
Black: Horse to A7 and Checkmate

Hmm think you’ll have to arrange a game with me somehow but go easy on me I’m out if practice and was always beginner level


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