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Anyone into classical music here? What is your favourite piece?

The Chaconne from Partita No 2 on violin, played by Issac Stern. 

Surin Blastanos:
I love The New World Symphony, Schubert's Unfinished, Beethoven's Coriolon Overture, Russlan and Ludmilla, and Paganini Caprice 24(and Milstein's variations on Pag 24)

I wish I knew enough about it to be able to appreciate it properly.

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Orchestral: BWV 1066–1069, 1046–1051,
Cantatas: BWV 248, 191, 243, 65, 244-245, 249, 11, 34, 79, 232, 119, 120, 206, 207a
And all of his solo harpsichord suites
(Sorry I use numbering, because their German titles are so long)


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