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All comments, questions, concerns, etc to be put here.

I'm looking forward to my 40th so I can post this clip again. 

I guess I expected to be on borrowed time when I joined but then I saw people who were up to 50 still here and felt a sense of relief that up until now members who turned 40 were able to stay if they were valued contributors.

I have joined free range pretty much soon after here where I first heard of it but it’s not active, inspiring or varied in discussion as is here, like. Got politely told to keep topic to purely naturism when I mentioned something about railways or something. I think another admin once commented he joined and left but I may be wrong.

I’ve also been a member of true nudists for about 20 years, in a fakebook group with rl friends and moderate a mewe group with them too. None have been as interesting and engaging as IYNO. Joined oh naturist yesterday to see what it’s like… not impressed so far. I’m running out of options.

But the forum was intended for 14-40 and I knew that from the start. In the end it’s up to the owners/ admins what the rules are. We’ve got a good bunch in here and I hope you’ll all join free range and make it as fun as here with the 18-40 year olds managing accounts on both.

if you ask me its kind of creepy to hang on talling to younger naturists.

This is a long overdue move and I support it 100%.


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