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Attention everyone!

Since IYNO has started, we've catered to a place that all young people can find some where they can feel safe and belong. Some where that they can call home for their nudist/naturist beliefs and views. And we still cherish those same ideals today. However, as time progresses and our members age, we have to re-evaluate the forum, our members, and how we plan for our future for the forum and to, hopefully, keep it around for many years to come.

As such November 1st, 2021 (11/1/21) we will be implementing some changes.

At the age of 40, no new accesses will be granted. So, whatever access you have at 40, is the access you will have going on to 42. This includes Gallery and Guy/Female Talk. If you do something that causes loss of access to any sections between 40 - 42, do note you will not get them back.

At the age of 42 you will start to notice some changes to your account on the site. You will be messaged to let you know this is coming and will happen in total in about 3 months.

: Month one you will lose any additional access to the forum boards. This includes The Dorm, Guy Talk, or Female Chat.

: Month two you will lose access to the gallery. This will give you time to delete (if you desire to do so) any pictures that you have posted within the gallery sections.

: Month three you will lose the ability to message anyone else. Do note that you will still be able to read your messages, but no longer be able to reply to them.

However, this does not 100% end your time on the forums. You will still be able to interact on the forums directly on the boards that you have access to.

At the age of 45 will be implemented basically what we are going to dub a "Read-Only user" in all context. At this age limit you will still be able to view the board, but you will no longer be able to directly interact on it. You will still have access to the "Problems" section in the help area in case you discover any issues with the board itself. Of course, you will have the choice of deleting your account before this time as well. At this age if you are in our Discord you will also be removed from that.

At this point in time (or even before) we strongly encourage people to join up on our sister board, Free Range Naturism Found Here!. as they are ran by past admins from here and hold similar values, just for everyone and not just younger generations. 18+ only though so none of our users under that age.

We have talked about this for a long time between all the staff of the forums and encourage your input as well. And do realize this is a hard decision but one that we all feel is best for the forums to continue into the future.

Note: As for the current members that are over 42, the same rules apply. If you are 45 or over at the time that this rule goes into effect, do be prepared. You will follow the same loss of access that the 42 year olds lose for the first 3 months. At the 6 month mark you will be moved to the Read-Only field. You are given this bit of grace period since we are introducing the rule and time to adjust. Do know, that anyone else turning 45, this would not apply.

Thank you everyone for helping to adjust to this. Again, we do this to sustain the life of the forum and not to become "just another nudist website" on the web. We do this to have our niche spot on the internet where everyone that is here feels safe and able to talk with people in similar age ranges.

From all the staff of International Young Naturists Organization.

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to discuss anything about this...please visit this post here:,31868.0.html So we can keep this one clean.


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