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Wet Leg


Dario Western:
How many of you in here like the band Wet Leg?

They have been touted as THE band of 2021.  I first heard their debut song "Chaise Longue" when I was half asleep a few months ago on Triple J radio, and the chorus just sunk into my head and woke me up.  I just thought "Wow, who is this band?!  They sound awesome!"

Wet Leg are two 18 year old girls from the Isle Of Wight who have been schoolmates for the last 10 years and were in different bands before getting together as their own band earlier this year.  Since "Chaise Longue" and it's follow up "Wet Dream" came out, they've become darlings of the music press.  They're both very good looking, personable, and have made guitar rock popular with teen - 20 audiences again after nearly 20 years of the media pushing synth pop, pretty girl acoustic folk, R&B and hip-hop.  Additionally, they are a rare band in the fact that they also have garnered a following with boomers and Generation X people as much as The Kids (see the live video below).


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