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Hello from Bavaria

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Hello everyone!
I am 37 years old and from a town 75 km outside of Munich. I have lived in Munich for over 6 years for my studies and began my naturist expierence there. Therefore I am still using my old nickname relating to Munich.
I began going to naked sauna and being naked at home at the age of 22 and extended it to a full embrace of nudism/naturism at the age of 25.

I hope to exchange expieriences and get to know more naturists from Germany and abroad.

Besides naturism I am some sort of a computer/tech guy, that likes nature, traveling, watching movies and playing videogames.

Naked greetings,


Hi welcome

blank radar:
welp, heya, welcome to the forum

Welcome, mucboy. What sort of movies do you like?

Mostly action movies, thrillers, but also a lot of sci-fi. Especially Star Trek and some Star Wars.


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