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A new book about naturism is coming out next month

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King Pizza:
Hello everyone.
It is with great excitement that I announce that my book, A Whole Nude World, advocating naturism will be available next month. The book explains why people should be involved in naturism. For naturists like us, it encourages us to share our stories with those who do not know about naturism and to help with that effort, it provides numerous analogies to explain naturism to others. This book is aimed at Americans and Christians; one of the common criticisms that we get all of the time is that naturism is uniquely weird, when that is completely untrue. If you want to read a sample here:; pre-ordering is available now at the publisher's website: or Amazon by searching for the title A Whole Nude World. The book will be shipped on December 29. An ebook will also be available by that date.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Oooh we have an author among us! Nice

Congratulations on the book! Hopefully it sells well and you can educate more people.

King Pizza:
Thank you for the support!! I certainly hope that this book does well. Because naturism is normal, we must look for all of the open doors that people give in normal conversations. Every reader of this post may want to consider getting a copy of this book for someone else who they know and when people ask about it, you can gift them one copy.

In order for naturism to spread among new people, we must be willing to go where non-naturists are and show them why naturism is better. Anyone who walks away after reading my book saying naturism is uniquely weird, must also denounce hobbies and most other social groupings as weird too. I have hope that most people are reasonable and reachable. Given a solid presentation by a naturist they know, they may be willing to try naturism.     

I think there's a very limited audience that will be convinced by the book (as a very non-conservative non-christian, it's decidedly not for me), but I wish you the best of luck in reaching the audience you're aiming for.


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