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Digital drawing - what kind of equipment do you use?

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For years I have been a traditionalist when it comes to drawing, using graphite and inks on paper, but been slowly preparing to break away from the familiar and
advancing into digital. I am not a big spender, or at least a very cautious one, in trying to get it right on the first try, if possible. I have now a better pc to run software and
now I wanted to ask if you, who are more experienced in the matter, what kind of equipment and software do you use?
What are your experiences, favorite brands and models and the like?

Bought an iPad Pro with pencil and it's pretty good tbh. Used to use an old wacom bamboo tablet on my laptop, but the iPad is just convenient for me. So far for apps, I prefer clip studio paint than procreate.

Side note: not a professional artist

blank radar:
I      u  s  e      m  y      m  o  u  s  e


--- Quote from: blank radar on December 04, 2021, 03:30:31 am ---I      u  s  e      m  y      m  o  u  s  e

--- End quote ---
on ms paint?

I did once have a keyboard with a digital pen and one of those tablet pads at the side of it but I found the whole thing annoying looking at the screen but not my hand like in traditional pencil to paper was a bitch. I quickly accepted that drawing was best done the old fashioned way.


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