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I haven't been active here in ages lol

Having to move back in with family and the pandemic hitting and everything, I've really hadn't the opportunity to cultivate my nudie side.

I feel like my self confidence in my body and issues of that type have turned much worse since all that happened, so hopefully tuning back into the naturist lifestyle will do some good for myself.

Well, I'll do my best to regain my confidence and explore my boundaries again in my room (as I'm living with parents again :c).

For more of a proper introduction, I'm a 21 years old university student (last year, finally!) from Brazil who likes studying languages.

Wish me luck and glad to be back-ish!

Warm welcome back! I hope you'll be able to enjoy the lifestyle and philosophy of naturism once again.

blank radar:
welp, welcome back to the forum! hopefully it can do at least a little good
[wait, someone already said that... uh...]

@Rafa  Hey buddy,   :welcomeback to the forum  :yesdance

Greetings from France

Welcome back and good luck getting back on track


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