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Nudist game ideas

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I play Skyrim very roleplay heavily and with optional nudity in the form of removable undies. Super fun.

I think more like a lifesim game like The Sims or The Urbz, FPS would be nice too :p.

I used to do a cheat on one of the old wwe games that gave characters the nude appearance but of course you didn’t see anything. I guess a nude wrestling game would be fun

Cle Leftwrite:
For a specifically “nudist” game, with overt nudist themes and possibly setting?

The best option would be either a life sim (similar to the sims or second life), a business management sim (similar to zoo or rollercoaster tycoon), or a visual novel of some kind.

For a game where you could be naked, perhaps with some nudist themes, but setting agnostic (not tied to a specific setting/kind of setting)?

Frankly skies the limit, an RPG would be a good choice because them nudism can become an “option” for the player. But an action game or shoot-em-up (like Star-Fox or The Gaurdian Legend).

I'd say that walking simulators would be a great fit for a naturist game genre.


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